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In 2008, The Silver Quail Custom Jewelry grew from a love of design, crafts, and beautiful things. All our pieces are handcrafted in Manitoba.  A special gift for yourself or someone you love to commemorate the birth of a child, the day you married your soulmate, or just recognize someone you love with a special personalized gift.

Things to think about....

* Our jewelry is all custom, hand-stamped, sterling silver, and finished by hand.

* All our pieces come on a 17" closed link sterling silver chain, and most pendants are 22 gauge sterling silver.  We can customize the length of the chain if you would like something different than our standard.  It is 1$ per inch to lengthen.

* Round disc and square pendants come in 1 1/4" (XL), 1" (L), 3/4" (M), 1/2" (S), and 3/8" (XS) sizes.

* Most of our pieces displayed range between $35 and $70.

* Pieces can be shipped regular mail for $5, or Express Post for $15 in Canada.  For other areas, please email us for shipping costs.

* When ordering a piece, if you would like to include a birthdate, you have to decide the order your would like it in. 

Year Month Day, Month Day Year, or Day Month Year?  If you do not specify, we stamp Day Month Year as a standard.

* If there is more than one name on the piece, you can specify the order.  Our standard if not specified is first born on the inside, smallest, or left side piece.

* We have three styles of text, block caps, lower case swirl, and large monogram initials.  Please specify preference.

* Please see the gallery to help make all your special choices for your piece.

* We want your piece to be unique, so please let us know all the specifics you would like, and we will complete it to your request.

* We stamp each individual character by hand.  You can expect slight variations from piece to piece and no two will be alike. 

Text may not be perfectly aligned, adding to the unique character, and is not considered a defect in workmanship*

*Remember....some people's chemical make up tarnishes sterling silver quicker than others.  Sweat, perfume, sunscreen, moisturizer, pools, hot tubs, and even air will cause tarnishing.  Polishing clothes and silver polish will rid you of tarnish, but you can also feel free to contact us to have your piece re-polished and buffed if you like.

Tip - Store your sterling silver jewelry in a sealed plastic bag when you are not wearing it.  This will prevent it from tarnishing so quickly*

*The Silver Quail now carries an amazing sterling silver cleaner.  You dip your piece for a few seconds, rinse it off, and it looks like new. 

They are $15.  (available for pick up only at this time)*

More things to think about....

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